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Beaver Falls


Beaver Falls is on Beaver Creek, a tributary of the Sol Duc River, north of the unincorporated town of Sappho, about 12 miles east of Forks.

Travel Instructions

Traveling west on US Highway 101 out of Port Angeles, and past Lake Crescent, turn north (right turn) on State Route 113 at Sappho. Head toward Neah Bay for about 2 miles. Immediately after crossing Beaver Creek, remnants of an old rock quarry (and road) are visible on the left, as well as a long turnout to the right. Turn right into the turnout area. Beaver Creek is down the slope on the right, as is the falls. Hike down the steep and sometimes muddy, but short, fishing trail to the partially hidden falls. Be careful not to trip on roots in this primitive trail.



Beaver Creek Falls is a small- to medium- volume, block-type falls that cascades about 20 feet across the full 70 foot width of Beaver Creek. At lower flows, typically in summer, only the left 1/3 portion of the channel carries the flow over the fall. Upstream about 0.6 miles is Beaver Lake, a marshy and slow moving area of the creek.

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7 Responses to “Beaver Falls”

  1. waterfalls says:

    YES! Definitely there are some great hikes to waterfalls. Of course, spring run off is the most dramatic, but by sunny, warm weather in August you might be looking for a nice cool pool to dandle feet and relax in some shade! Probably any of the falls, except Striped Peak Falls, would be a good bet. If you want to take a plunge in a pool at the base of a falls, Spoon Creek or Rocky Brook would be my choices!

  2. Brandi says:

    We are planning a trip to the park and love to hike for waterfalls. Our plan is for early August 2013. Are any of the falls going to be worth hiking to that time of year?


  3. waterfalls says:

    Hi Kurri,
    Sorry, but this Beaver Falls is in the state of Washington. I can’t help you with waterfalls in AZ, but perhaps these folks in Arizona tourism can help.
    Best wishes for your wedding and marriage. Think about the Olympic Peninsula for the honeymoon?? And yes, we would send brochures. Call 360-452-8552 and we can get some info in the mail to you.

  4. kurri westcott says:

    I am looking for a place in AZ that consists of natural waterfalls and Beaver Creek Falls looks like it fits the bill. The reason is because I’m hoping to get married soon but i want to find the perfect place. I would appreciate it if you could help me. Do you guys send out free brochures?

  5. Waterfall Wanderer says:

    Hi Writer!
    We would love to have you visit for the wonder and magic of waterfalls. Call Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau for a free Travel Planner. 1-800-942-4042. Let them know you are looking at the Waterfall Trail website. Thanks. Have a safe trip. And, post your photos.

  6. Mebu Barday says:

    I am a writer and would like to experience this beauty. Where can I get more details? Place to stay, need for guide, swimming etc

  7. Waterfall Wanderer says:

    This falls is so beautiful. The scramble up and down to the creek was like climbing a root ladder! Be careful. This looks like a good place to cool off when it gets hot in the summer.