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Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau

Call us at 360-452-8552 or 800-942-4042

About this Project

The Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail is a joint project with Grays Harbor Tourism, North Mason County, Jefferson County Tourism Coordinating Council and Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau. Photographs are copyright Lani Doely Photography, except: Falls Creek Falls, Ross Hamilton; Madison Falls, Davey Schmidt; Perfection Falls, Roger Blain; and Spoon Creek Falls, Mary Brelsford. Text for long descriptions provided by Terry Trembly. Video credits are to Lani Doely Photography except: Perfection Falls, Spoon Creek Falls and Wynoochee Falls, courtesy of OPVB.

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Links to helpful sites in areas around the Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail


Kenmore Airlines. Alaska Airlines partner Kenmore Air Express offers daily service between Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) and the Port Angeles Airport (CLM).

Black Ball Ferry. Vehicle and passenger service between Port Angeles, WA and Victoria, BC, Canada.

Jefferson Transit. Port Townsend and surrounding areas, including Lake Quinault north to Forks.

Dungeness Line. Two trips daily from Port Angeles, Sequim, Port Townsend, Discovery Bay and Kingston to Edmonds, Seattle Greyhound, Amtrak and Sea-Tac.

Rocket Transportation. Provides auto and van door-to-door service on the Olympic Peninsula; includes trips to/from Sea-Tac.

All Points Charters & Tours. Provides trailhead shuttle service for Olympic National Park and tours in all areas of the Olympic Peninsula.

Rite Brothers Aviation. Charter and scenic flights from Port Angeles.

Some local events and favorite links

Olympic Peninsula Winery Association

Lavender Weekend in Sequim

Makah Days


Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival

Annual Ocosta Oyster Feed

International Kite Challenge

Bear Festival

Area Web Cams

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95 Responses to “Contact & More Info”

  1. waterfalls says:

    There are several Tour Operators and Outfitters on the Olympic Peninsula. Check page 21 in our Travel Planner. Please, give us a call if you would like more detailed help planning your visit. 360-452-8552

  2. Kathy says:

    My mom can walk short flat distances and wants to take in as many waterfalls, rain forest and everything Washington’s natural beauty has to offer through tours. What do you suggest? We don’t want to drive.

  3. waterfalls says:

    I would refer you to Olympic National Park since they would be the necessary permits, if they are required. 360-565-3130.
    Blessing for your ceremony and happy years to come.

  4. Katrina says:

    Is cycling allowed on the trail?

    No. Sorry. But there is great cycling around Lake Crescent on the Spruce Railroad Trail, which is part of the Olympic Discovery Trail, on the other side of the lake.

    There is other cycling across the peninsula on the Olympic Discovery Trail that spans from Port Townsend to La Push. Not all of the trail is built as a paved throughway, but there are many scenic miles to enjoy. And, it is possible to go the entire route although some of the riding will be on the highway shoulder and through towns.

  5. Kera says:

    Can I get married at Madison falls? Is there a fee or anything specific I need to do? Thank you!

  6. waterfalls says:

    Hi Deborah,
    I would say it depends on the waterfall whether swimming below it would be advisable. Within the National Park it is discouraged. You should stay on the established trails. I’ve seen folks in the pools at Rocky Brook and Spoon Creek would be a good place to paddle, being extremely careful of slippery rocks and force of the waterfall. Just getting in the woods around the falls will cool things off with the spray from the falls. Enjoy the falls and be careful if you decide to get wet!

  7. Deborah Anderson says:

    Hi – we’re going to be in the ONP in August and are looking forward to visiting these beautiful sites. Is swimming in the pools below waterfalls permitted? thanks

  8. waterfalls says:

    Hi Carol,
    The falls outside the National Park that would be good for hiking with your dog would be:
    Wynoochee Falls, Spoon Creek Falls, Murhut Falls, Striped Peak Falls.
    The falls in Quinault Rain Forest are in the National Forest. Although a permit is required, your dog is welcome. Gatton and Willaby Creek are walkable.

  9. Carol Winge says:

    Which, if any, of these falls are not inside Olympic National Park? I like to hike with my dog. I believe dogs are not allowed on national park trails. Thanks.

  10. waterfalls says:

    Hi! Sorry you were disappointed with the brochure. It is intended to be an overview of all the falls to help visitors decide what falls to see. The website does have the details. We will make a note about your comment and see if we can incorporate this information into the next printing. Thanks for your input. We appreciate hearing from you.

  11. Pamela Burck says:

    I really like the brochure, but it turns out to be utterly useless. To find the falls, I would need to use the website on my non-existent Iphone. Or print every waterfall page and take the book with me every time we went to the Olympic Peninsula, which we do 4 or 5 times a year. A printable directions page to all waterfalls would be very usable. Not everyone is high-tech!

  12. waterfalls says:

    Hi Kay,
    Sounds like a great weekend! Give the Back Country Rangers at Olympic National Park a call for all your info. They’ll let you know about permits and regulations. Have a wonderful hike.
    360-565-3102 for ONP BCR
    The general information number for Olympic National Park is 360-565-3130.

  13. Kay Flackman says:

    My hiking group would like to stay over night at Lake Quinault then hike the 13 mile one way to Enchanted Valley. We plan to do this over the 4th. of July weekend. Is there a limit of hikers, how much would the pass be and can we leave the cars at Lake Quinault? Thank You for any information you can give me. Kay

  14. waterfalls says:

    Hi Jon,
    It will be in the mail to you shortly. Sorry for slow response…..broken leg! If you have any further questions you can call the office and anyone there can help you. 360-452-8554 or 800-942-4042.

  15. waterfalls says:

    Hi Gale,
    We would be happy to send you our Travel Planner and any other information you might need. Please give the office a call. Anyone who answers will be able to help you. 360-452-8552 or 800-942-4042. Happy Travels!

  16. waterfalls says:

    Hi Sue,
    Here’s a link to Olympic National Park campsite information.

    The Waterfall Trail is located among four counties: Clallam, Jefferson, Mason and Grays Harbor. You might want to check with each county.

    Here’s a map for Clallam County Parks:
    Other Clallam parks

    Jefferson County Parks:
    Other camping in Jefferson County and surrounding area:

    Mason County:
    Grays Harbor County:

    Washington State campgrounds:

    Have lots of places to choose from to make your overnights. Have a good time!

  17. waterfalls says:

    Hi Katherine,
    Some trailheads require a parking permit. Madison Falls and Sol Duc Falls are within Olympic National Park, so entrance fees into ONP are required. During the winter months, the entrance station to Madison Falls is not in operation, so you would be able to get to the Falls without the ONP entrance fee. Marymere Falls is also in the Park, but does not require a fee. If you have questions about other falls, please call the office and we will be able to help you determine if you need a permit for parking and where would be the nearest location to get one. 360-452-8552 or 800-942-4042.

  18. waterfalls says:

    It will be on its way. A bit behind with my answers….broken leg. Please call the office if you have questions we can answer. 1-800-942-4042. Anyone will be happy to help if you are planning to visit the Olympic Peninsula.

  19. waterfalls says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Would you please call 1-800-942-4042 to give your mailing address for the Waterfall Trail brochure, if you are still interested in having one sent. Sorry for the delay….Waterfall Wanderer has a broken leg. (Will be rehabbed by spring runoff time for ultimate waterfall viewing!)

  20. waterfalls says:

    Hope you are able to make it in July. If you are intending to come around the third weekend in July, I will warn you to make your reservations early. It’s Lavender Weekend in Sequim and rooms book long in advance across the Peninsula. It’s such a great event with lots of wonderful food, celebrations on the farms and music, vendors, a quilt show. It’s one of the grand events on the Peninsula. Maybe it’s right up your vacation alley?

  21. Katherine says:

    Hi I have a question. Will the trail charge for parking or admittance, or anything else? Also, I was wondering how long the trail is. Thank you (:

  22. Sue M says:

    Is there a link or a publication containing details of camp sites near the waterfall trail? Thank you.

  23. Kathy Hockey says:

    Please send me a brochure and detailed map of the trails and waterfalls in the park? Thank you.

  24. Jan Meier says:

    beautiful site. we hope to visit this July. thanks for the helpful go-to site.

  25. Gale Muehlbauer says:

    I would love a brochure as I am planning a trip up to the peninsula and need info on places to stay, etc.

  26. Claudette Nadra says:

    Thank you for that reminder!

  27. Jon Hornaday says:

    I would greatly appreciate your sending 1) Waterfall Trail brochure, and 2) Olympic Peninsula Travel Planner to: Jon Hornaday, 605 Brookhaven Trail, Austin, TX 79746.
    Thank you.

  28. waterfalls says:

    Hi Bill, Your requested information will be coming to you in the mail. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  29. waterfalls says:

    We will get something in the mail to you, Jason!
    Thanks for asking and hope you will have a good trip visiting the waterfalls on the Olympic Peninsula.

  30. jason taylor says:

    Hi can you send me any information on your waterfalls and parks.

  31. waterfalls says:

    There are several campgrounds near Wynoochee Falls. The road to the river where the falls is located is blocked on purpose with a large earth mound. You just have to park near the road and walk to the falls.

  32. Hi can you tell me if the campground to wynooche falls is open? And the gate to the falls

  33. eddie says:

    Can you help me with some suggestions on a place to stay near this trail? There will be 5 in our party. I haven’t heard back from the number you left and we are doing this trail June 1st.

  34. eddie says:

    Thank you !!

  35. waterfalls says:

    Hi Eddie,
    On the Hood Canal side, Elk Meadows will do trailhead drop off outside Olympic National Park. 360-796-4886
    We have a charter company All Points Charters & Tours that can provide drop off service in the national park from B&Bs. 360-460-7131
    If you are looking for drop off service in the Forks area, there is always Forks Taxi.
    Most of the tralheads have plenty of parking!
    Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  36. eddie says:

    There are some bed and breakfast mentioned with available trailhead drop off, can you give me some info on where to stay? Thanks!

  37. Lynn Cole says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could mail me some information on your area. My parents will be visiting in about a month or so and Iam trying to get brochures together for them on places to visit, such as museums. Thank you for your time. Columbia Falls, MT. 59912

  38. waterfalls says:

    Don’t know where you are leaving? Some easy close hikes would be Madison, Falls View, Rocky Brook, Marymere, Beaver and Merriman and Bunch Creek in the Quinault. Longer hikes would be to Murhut and Sol Duc. Where are you staying? That might help me give you some orientation. Email me at and I’ll help where I can. Have a great trip!

  39. Sharon says:

    I know this is late since we are leaving in the morning but we are wondering if it’s possible to do a good portion of this trail in 2 days time? We’d like to see as many of the waterfalls as possible that are fairly easily accessible. No overnight hikes, boats, etc. Thanks!

  40. joelle Richir says:

    Where to stay? Any experience to share? We’re going end of September.

  41. waterfalls says:

    Hi Bill,
    We do have an overview brochure of the Waterfall Trail. If you would call 800-942-4042, we would be happy to send it to you. We can also send an Olympic Peninsula Travel Planner, if you would like one!

  42. Bill Kinyon says:

    Is there a printed brochure available? I am taking a trip to the Peninsula in August and would like to have a brochure so that I can visit some of the falls.

    Thank you for your help.

  43. waterfalls says:

    We are SO hoping to have a photo contest! Stay tuned! Perhaps we’ll get it going this fall? Keeping our fingers crossed!

  44. carly says:

    Will you guys have a photography contest?