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Gatton Creek Falls

Gatton Creek Falls is a classic tiered falls with a series of straight drops.


South Shore Road of Lake Quinault


Travel Instructions

From US Highway 101 take South Shore Road approximately 3.5 miles to the Gatton Creek Campground. Across the road is the trailhead for a .6 mile hike on moderate trail to the falls. Alternatively, begin at the Rainforest Resort for a .4 mile hike to the falls.



The falls drops approximately 60 feet in stair-step fashion, but not all drops are visible from one vantage point. A very nice falls.

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  1. waterfalls says:

    You are right, Murali Narayanan! Thanks for catching that.

  2. Murali Narayanan says:

    The latitude is incorrect. It should be 47.4691.