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Hoko Falls

  • Latitude : 48.20025
  • Longitude : -124.43142
  • Elevation : 152 feet

Hoko Falls is a hidden surprise along the mostly low-gradient and slow-moving Hoko River. At this point however, the river is pinched by opposing walls of erosion resistant basalt, creating an 8-10 feet drop to a punchbowl. The river continues through a narrow “V”-cut canyon below the falls, where a second drop of about eight feet is visible to the careful hiker only from a vantage point along the road. It is precarious to view the second drop, with potentially fatal consequences for a wrong step.


Near Clallam Bay and Sekiu on the Lake Ozette-Hoko River Road near Milepost 7.


Travel Instructions

Drive State Route 112 to the town of Clallam Bay. Approximately 4.2 miles west of Clallam Bay take the road to Lake Ozette, which follows the Hoko River. Watch for milepost markers. At a distance of about 6.9 miles a bridge crosses the River. Look for Milepost 7. Across the road from the marker is a sometimes muddy fisherman’s path that drops quickly to the falls. Park along the roadway completely off the pavement and keep an eye out for fast moving logging trucks. You will likely hear the falls before you see it. The path and rocks around the falls can be slippery, so good footwear is in order.



The little canyon below Hoko Falls is every bit as scenic as the falls itself. Although the Hoko River watershed is fairly large, this falls is best viewed from about November through May. For approximately 250 yards below the falls the Hoko River passes through a scalloped fissure in the basalt rock. Very narrow, and fully shaded by overhanging cedars, this little canyon seems mysterious as water makes its way to the bridge where the stream channel opens up again, and the Hoko resumes its pastoral nature. A second drop of the falls of approximately 6- 8 feet may be visible in the canyon about 50 feet upstream of the westernmost edge of the guard rail approaching the bridge.

WARNING…This is a very dangerous spot, and one false step could be fatal.

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  1. Waterfall Wanderer says:

    We didn’t even try to go down the bank to get closer. The view from the road was good enough for us on this day.