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Madison Creek Falls

This delightful falls at the Elwha River Entrance to Olympic National Park is wheelchair accessible on a short, paved, 200 feet path to the base of the falls.  Picnic tables a located by the parking lot as well with a beautiful view of the mountain peaks to the south.


Olympic National Park at the Elwha River Entrance.


Travel Instructions

From Port Angeles travel west on Highway 101 to the Olympic Hot Springs Road. Then travel two miles up the Olympic Hot Spring Road to the Entrance Station to Olympic National Park and left into the parking lot. Look for the sign for Madison Falls.



The National Park Service literature states the falls to be over 100 feet tall. If so, it is not visible from the viewing point. A better guess for the visible part is about 40 feet. In all, a very nice falls year-round near a scenic area of historic importance in the Elwha Valley. Look for Park signs that give more history for the broad meadow adjacent to the parking area.

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  2. waterfalls says:

    HI. Madison Falls are accessible all year round. April should be really roaring. This waterfall hasn’t been affected by any of the dam removal projects.

  3. waterfalls says:

    Madison Falls is one of the easiest falls on the Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail that encircles the peninsula. Enchanted Valley is spectacular but the 12.8-mile hike prevents some from experiencing it.

  4. […] favorite “park secret” is the Madison Falls Trail in the Elwha Valley. It’s paved, only a quarter mile long, and ends at a beautiful waterfall. The […]

  5. Carol Wall says:

    Does anyone know if this falls is accessible in early April and/or if there are changes in the falls with the work done re the Elwah Dam?

  6. waterfalls says:

    Hi RJ
    If you take any photos while you are there, we would appreciate if you post them for us to see!

  7. R.J.Brocx. says:

    I do hope to go there soon!

  8. Mona Arvesen says:

    Nice short walk. A small beautiful fallin the forrest nature. We visit the place on september, 24 – 2012

  9. Jean Stratton says:

    This beautiful location is where I got married July 18th, 1999 at 2pm. It is one of the most accessible, beautiful places on the Peninsula. At least my husband and I think so! jms

  10. Cindy Austin says:

    A beautiful little falls and easily accessible.

  11. AJ says:

    The signage from 101 is actually Olympic Hot Springs Road, not Elwha Valley Road. We missed the turn off the first time.

  12. Waterfall Wanderer says:

    Thanks for uploading your photo! Hope you had a great time at Madison Falls.
    The Waterfall Wanderer

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  14. John says:

    nice little falls close to photographed on a cloudy day.