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Merriman Falls

This 40-feet high roadside waterfall is easily accessible within a few feet of the road, and a delight to view and photograph


South Shore Road of Lake Quinault


Travel Instructions

This waterfall is located 3.5 miles east of Gatton Creek Campground on the South shore road of Lake Quinault.



Though it may contain flow through most of the year the best time to view is October through May. What a nice fall to photograph in the rainy weather. The relative open terrain around the base provides viewing from different perspectives, and creative photography. Merriman is one of the better known of the Quinault area falls.

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7 Responses to “Merriman Falls”

  1. waterfalls says:

    Were you able to find some of the other waterfalls that need a little walk to locate? We love the Quinault Rainforest! It’s so beautiful there and so different than the Hoh Rainforest. Aren’t we lucky?

  2. […] La Push we made a detour inland near Lake Quinault to do some waterfall hunting. We were looking for Merriman Falls, which ended up being so close to the road that it would have been impossible to miss. It was a […]

  3. Daniela says:

    I love this scenery!!!!

  4. Y A says:

    The Lake Quinault loop drive is one of my favorite ways to spend the day and Merriman Falls is generally the highlight of the drive.

  5. Waterfall Wanderer says:

    Did you get any photographs of Merriman Falls? We would love to see them if you did!
    Waterfall Wanderer

  6. Michele says:

    This was absolutely beautiful. We went 2/20/10. Well worth the two hour drive it took us to get there. Can’t wait to check out the other falls with in the Olympic National Forest/Park