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Mineral Creek Falls


This cascade falls is viewed by hikers on the Upper Hoh River Trail in Olympic National Park, approximately 2.8 miles up river from the Hoh Visitor Center.

Travel Instructions


From US Highway 101, approximately 12 miles south of Forks, take the Upper Hoh River Road to its end, 18 miles deep into the rain forest, to Olympic National Park Hoh Visitor Center. Park in the lot adjacent to the Center and follow the signs for Hoh River Trail destinations upstream, catching glimpses of the river and its braided, and sometimes swollen, channel along the way. This well-maintained trail is mostly flat, but seasonally muddy in spots, which in the rainforest means most of the time. The falls is not marked, but will be visible 2.8 miles up the trail, on your left (uphill) as you cross a small foot bridge. Mileage on posts for tent camp sites along the way will mark your progress up the trail. If you reach a sign for Tom Creek Meadow you will have gone about 180 yards (1/10 mile) too far.



Mineral Creek Falls is a medium-volume, cascade-form falls that drops about 60 feet as viewed from the foot bridge, before discharging into the Hoh River below the bridge. The foreground has lots of sword ferns and lush rain forest vegetation. Saw cuts through huge fallen old growth trees along the trail remind you of the size of these once towering rainforest monarchs, and the annual tree rings tell of their incredible age. As you drive the Upper Hoh Road look for elk bedded down or feeding in the meadows immediately past Minnie Peterson Campground about 5 miles; elk may also be found near the campgrounds near the Visitor Center. Incidentally, the Hoh River Trail to Glacier Meadows is a main route for mountain climbers accessing Blue Glacier about 18.3 miles up the trail. From there climbers have access to standard routes up Mount Olympus – and yes, Blue Glacier really is blue.

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