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Murhut Falls

  • Latitude : 47.6733
  • Longitude : -123.0505
Murhut Falls

This relatively unknown, two-tier falls of nearly 130 feet, is in the Duckabush River drainage on Murhut Creek. It is found on a Forest Service trail of less than a mile, with very moderate elevation gain. Take the family to this one. You won’t be disappointed.


South of Brinnon in the Duckabush Recreation Area off Highway 101 about 7.5 miles, followed by .8 mile hike of moderate elevation gain of 200 feet.

Travel Instructions

Travel Highway 101 to the Duckabush Recreation Area along Hood Canal. Take FS Rd. 2510 (22 miles north of Hoodsport or 2.8 miles south of Brinnon). Follow the road for 6.2 mi. to FS Rd. 2530, turn right on this road and drive 1.3 miles to the trailhead. Walk up the well-maintained trail for about .8 miles to the falls.



Wow! This is what a waterfall should look like in the rain forest on Olympic National Forest lands, even though it is on the Peninsula’s drier side. A plunging, horsetail stream of water falls, hits some rocks in a small pool after a drop of 120 feet, and continues down another 35 feet – making two stunning tiers. It is dark back here in the timber and is best photographed from the trailside viewing point. An off-trail scurry below the falls is possible for a different view. A look off to the right below the falls will favor the explorer with a stealthy glimpse of another small falls shielded behind some downed timber (no trail). Best viewed Fall thru Spring, but Summer flows in ample water years are good too. And, it’s a great destination for a picnic if you want to make a hot-weather escape!

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