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Rocky Brook Falls

  • Latitude : 47.7210
  • Longitude : -122.9416
Rocky Brook Falls

Rocky Brook, a horsetail form falls, is one of the larger and more frequently visited falls on Hood Canal. It is an easy, short walk of a couple hundred yards from the road to the falls, even in the rain.


West of Brinnon up the Dosewallips River Road about 3 miles.

Travel Instructions

From US Highway 101 along Hood Canal, just north of Brinnon, travel west on Dosewallips Road for 3 miles, following the river of that name to the Rocky Brook Bridge. Park on the left side in a small turnout after crossing the bridge. The trail to the falls passes the small building on the north side of the road, where you will find the falls less than two hundred yards up the trail.


This scenic waterfall is part of a hydroelectric generation facility. It is a year-round favorite, often with large flow. Do not expect to be here alone on a hot summer afternoon as the cool mist of the falling water is an attraction to all who know of the spot. There is no public parking per se, but thanks to a gracious roadside property owner there is adequate space for most visitors. Trash, however, seems to be a problem. If you see litter, please help out and pick it up. All the other Waterfall Trail explorers will thank you!

Nobody seems to know the origin of the term brook as most of us in the West call a small water body of this type a creek or even a “river. Incidentally, Stony Brook is about four drainages upstream, so maybe the naming was by an Easterner trying to hold on to his roots. Guess we’ll never know, but thanks for Rocky Brook Falls!

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18 Responses to “Rocky Brook Falls”

  1. Great Northwest – Day 3 – Falls & Fireworks | Holly & Dawn ~ The Adventure Duo says:

    […] We climbed back up & headed off to Rocky Brook falls, the next in line in our planned route. This was right outside of Quilcene, a tiny, slightly touristy town…area, really, along the Quilcene Lake. This was easily found, as the trail led off from the main road & was visible from the parking area. It’s about 200 yards back off the road & one follows along its river to get there. We were stunned upon arriving, as this was the largest one we’d seen yet, the visible section cascading down 229 feet over a wide wall of dark rock, creating a bit of spray & ending in a deep enough pool that young people were jumping in. I might add, they were rapidly climbing right back out again, as that glacial water was icy! There is a section of falls not visible from the bottom, that, when added to the total height, makes it 350 feet. It has been named Rocky Brook Falls for over 100 years, but no one seems to know from whence that name came. We climbed around it a bit, rescued a small flying insect that clung to us until we got it away from the fall’s drafts, and drank deeply of the stunningly clear, cold waters. […]

  2. Kyara says:

    Is there water in it today

    • waterfalls says:

      I haven’t been out there recently, but there is water in Marymere Falls, so I imagine there is water in Rocky Brook! I haven’t heard of it ever NOT having water in it!
      Hope you’ll find cool water and shade there during our warm weather.

    • waterfalls says:

      Rocky Brook has water all year around. Of course, spring run off is the prime time for a spectacular show. In summer it makes a good place to cool off! During the fall, the leaves around the falls are lovely. Be careful walking to the falls in all seasons, but pay particular attention in the winter.

  3. Jenna says:

    Are dogs allowed on the trail?

  4. i have weak knees , senior citizen. dislike climbing rocky steps. would i male it? I am into Falls photography . Thanks.

    • waterfalls says:

      Rocky Brook Falls would be a good destination and the short trail is a lovely walk. If you are interested, I would also suggest Madison Falls in the Elwha Valley.

  5. […] we finished lunch, we had one more stop before we took the Ferry back across Puget Sound. Brinnon Falls (Rocky Brook Falls) is a large waterfall in the area, that is very easy to get to and not too far off the road. It came […]

  6. A. Hammond says:

    Went to Rocky Brook Falls today. Also visited Falls View and Ludlow Falls. Have to say Rocky Brook was well worth being the last one to see. The other two paled in comparison with Rocky Brook. If anyone just has time to see one waterfall in the area, would recommend Rocky Brook to them in an instant!

  7. Karrie Plourd says:

    We went for the first time 9.24.13. I loved it. So easy to get to. There were people who went into the falls. Much to cold for me. A wonderful day trip

  8. R.J.Brocx. says:

    Have passed it many times, never stopped for the falls!
    Will do soon!