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Strawberry Bay Falls


Just off the La Push Road near the Quileute Reservation. A 1.3 mile walk on mostly flat trail provides views of a horsetail falls at a distance of about 0.6 miles. A pleasant sandy beach walk at low tide will allow closer viewing.


Travel Instructions

One mile north of Forks on Hiway 101, turn west on to the La Push Road (State Route 110). After traveling approximately eight miles, take the left fork on Highway 110 following the sign for La Push, and the Quileute Indian Reservation. After traveling another four miles look for the trailhead for Third Beach. Park in the lot and hike 1.3 miles to Third Beach. Down the beach to the left are the falls at a distance of about .6 miles.



Located at the south end of Third Beach (Strawberry Bay), this seasonally dramatic horsetail falls is well worth the walk on the mostly flat trail through the timber to Third Beach. The falls is visible to the left as the trail meets the beach. It is about a half mile walk along this delightful sandy shore at low tide to get closer to this 100+ foot stream cascading off the cliffs to the rocks and surf below. The bare and blocky crest of the fall is evidence that this fall can produce a substantial flow following larger rainfall events. However, the watershed is small and flows are very low in summer, and may be non-existent in dry spells. Best viewing is approximately November through May. Notice the natural conglomerate rocks (a matrix of little rocks imbedded and cemented together, looking almost like concrete). Crossing over the rocks at the base of the falls is not recommended and avoid high tide.

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3 Responses to “Strawberry Bay Falls”

  1. waterfalls says:

    Linda! Glad you made it to the end! Beach hiking always seems longer, doesn’t it? ESPECIALLY walking INTO the wind, which is common.

  2. linda says:

    Beautiful hike but I call b.s. on that 1.3 mile hike it.felt like 10 (more like 2.5) but.the view in the end was beautiful

  3. EricI says:

    Very Nice Site!!