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Vincent Creek Falls

It is tough to say whether the falls on Vincent Creek, or “The High Steel Bridge” that spans the narrow, deep canyon of the South Fork of the Skokomish River is the real attraction here. The elevation from bridge deck to the stream below is reportedly 420 feet.

Locals simply say High Steel Bridge, which incidentally has a falls nearby on Vincent Creek to the west as you cross the bridge. This narrow falls with a drop of about 125 feet is best viewed in winter and early spring when the small watershed above has sufficient runoff to deliver to the falls. It may be running sparsely, or near dry, by early summer into the early fall before rains restore the flow.


South Fork Skokomish River 9.8 miles from US Highway 101 north of Shelton.


Travel Instructions

From Hwy 101 north of Shelton, take the Skokomish Valley Road for five miles to FS Road #23. Go 2.4 miles to FS Road #2340, and follow it for another 2.4 miles. Park on either end of the narrow bridge crossing the gorge.



The bridge was originally built as a logging railroad bridge, and is still in use for car and truck travel. Vertigo is a word that comes to mind while standing mid-span and looking over the side to the rock-filled, narrow gorge with rushing water far below on the east side, or to the falls themselves on the west of the bridge. Photographing this falls is benefited by use of a telephoto lens of focal length 100-200mm. Occasionally an adventure seeking (read as crazy) kayaker may try to run this stretch of the South Fork of the Skokomish.

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11 Responses to “Vincent Creek Falls”

  1. waterfalls says:

    Thanks for the road update. We appreciate your assistance in letting other Waterfall Trail explorers know what to expect.

  2. Jessica says:

    What a great view! If you are afraid of heights this may not be a trip for you, but it is spectacular! Previous comments have mentioned the roads but don’t be misled, for “FS” roads they are really pretty well maintained. You are looking at approximately 4 miles of gravel road, but the pot holes are minimal and my car (a little toyota solara) took them just fine. Very worth the view!!!

  3. joe says:

    Would like to know more about this area. Is this a hiking trail? If so does anyone have a map of the trail with distance and vertical? Thanks!

  4. waterfalls says:

    Hi Karrie,
    Glad you didn’t get too freaked out with the height and were able to enjoy the waterfall. Thanks for the update on the road conditions!

  5. Karrie Plourd says:

    It was a great view. I am afraid of heights and it is very high I was so scared but so worth the trip.
    Be prepared for the bad roads. My car took a beating. Also, look out for logging trucks.

  6. Moises says:

    If you are afraid of heights, then this may not be for you. This was such a thrilling view to say the least. The bridge is quite long and only wide enough to allow one vehicle at a time. There is a sidewalk on only one side of the bridge with a somewhat low railing. Truly a breathtaking view! The side of the bridge that faces the waterfall has no sidewalk, and the railing is even lower on that side.
    The roads to the waterfall are all dirt and gravel. Nov very car friendly but still doable.

  7. waterfalls says:

    So glad you enjoyed your trip to Vincent Creek Falls. Photos?? You’re right about heights!

  8. Karl says:

    This was worth the trip! The Bridge is way more spectacular than the waterfall and if afraid of heights, you wont see much of the waterfall.

    Spctacular deep gorge type canyon just pops out of nowhere on a very well maintianed FS road. Only tood about 15 minutes to get there off the highway.

  9. Charline Rios says:

    this is a waterfall of twilight?

  10. Sheri Lee Jones says:

    Beautiful place. Roads clear.

  11. Waterfall Wanderer says:

    Hi Waterfall Travelers!

    We have a question regarding time of day to photograph this falls. Does anyone have a suggestion for a fellow falls fotographer?